Clean Key Re-Design Challenge

What is a Clean Key and why redesign it?  We talked to Adam Williams, Fab Lab Manager and Science Teacher at Fontbonne Hall Academy, an all girl’s college prep high school in Brooklyn New York, to get the answer.

Clean Key is a 3D printed, ergonomic “no touch” tool to help limit contamination from handles, card reader number pads and various other necessary social interactions that can be quickly disinfected to minimize germ exchange.

Adam and Michal Ashkenazy, Science Chair at Fontbonne, saw an opportunity for Adam’s Engineering students to improve The Clean Key from a design perspective and they created The Clean Key Re-Design Challenge.  It was the perfect project.

We interviewed Adam and 3 of the Challenge winners.  We were very impressed to see that two of the winners were from his 9th grade GATES class.  GATES is a course required of Freshmen to introduce them to General Applications of Technology, Engineering and Science.

Watch the interview, meet the winners and see their Clean Key Re-Design prototypes.  3D printed for now with the hope of using copper or another antimicrobial metal using a CNC Router Mill.

We look forward to following up with Fontbonne to see what happens next for the winners and their Clean Key Re-Designs.  

  • Congratulations to the winners:
  • Gia Carosone-Bosco
  • Olivia Bodmar
  • Aiya Rabah
  • Jacquline Khorsandi

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