Virtual reality interview with systems expert Linda Booth Sweeney with BFI Design Science Studio team.

In this 10-minute video, Linda Booth Sweeney leads a tour of HUGGERx, a pilot Toggle Lab in development for younger audiences.   

Why HUGGERx?  

Now more than ever, our youth know they are living in a tightly interconnected world (what Martin Luther King once called “the interrelated structure of reality.”). They know that events on the other side of the world can close down schools and public spaces thousands of miles away. HUGGERx is a whole-systems, mixed reality learning platform that offers fun, immersive, whole-systems learning opportunities to encourage users to see, understand and work with interdependent systems.  HUGGERx gives young people who want to “build back better” the language, tools and most importantly the relevant stories to lean into complexity, to see it as a guide, rather than an enemy, to understand key features and behaviors of complex systems, and to use that understanding to solve complex problems and innovate their way to healthier futures.  


HUGGERx is built on the belief that stories are the best means to communicate complexity and transcend Western “systems” jargon).  As such, HUGGERx offers an ecosystems of immersive learning opportunities designed  to make key principles of systems thinking/systems change actionable through:

o   World folktales (from Connected Wisdom:  Living Stories about Living Systems)  

o   Augmented reality learning app (augments story-based and real life systems)

o   1-min. student-generated videos (students-as-teachers, use lexicon of living systems)[1]

o   Hands-on activities linked to the Sustainable Development Goal’s

o   Evolving database of design-with-living-systems-in-mind examples, co-created by HUGGERx staff, youth and other users.  

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